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These young people learn new skills at each meeting. They are exposed to color, fabric, and design. They receive the satisfaction of seeing their projects evolve into beautiful works of art. Our youngest member sits on mom’s lap, learning to manipulate needle and thread - a future applique quilter! Our senior quiltmaker is seventeen and already creating her own quilt designs. But our members are not limited to girls the boys also join in. 

Our kids also learn the importance of helping other children.  The chosen charity for the Young Piecemakers is UCLA Medical Center.  The children create quilts and donate them to children exposed to HIV/AIDS. 

The response from nearby guilds and communities have been very generous. Everything is free to our children and no membership fees. We are solely dependent upon donors. Even the great teachers we feature donate their time to the children.


Even though the love of quilting has gained more popularity, quiltmakers are still a very small portion of the art world. Did you know that only three percent of these quiltmakers are under the age of 40 years? Most of today’s youth have never known a family member to take up a needle for the fun of it! Quilts hold stories. Quilts hold memories. Quilts hold families for generation. Without our young people to embrace the art of quiltmaking there will be too few quilts to comfort those in the feeling of warmth and love of generations past.

Quilts cross all barriers of class, age, and ethnicity. They are proof of our unity and life as Americans Every quilt reflects the personality and passion of its creator. Each day a quilt is completed, another story is written into our history and a centuries-old tradition continues.

It is the goal of the founders of The Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild to promote the love of quilting and to give children of all ages the opportunity to express themselves positively in an environment free of violence and turmoil. We encourage volunteerism as our members wrap others less fortunate in our communities with blankets of love. We bring fun and empowerment to all its members.

Studies have shown that art programs really can have a strong positive impact on our youth, and quiltmaking is no exception. Quiltmaking is no longer meant to be merely a bed cover. It has been revolutionized into an exciting new art form - fiber art.

The Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild strives to show the important contribution young people can make through their skills as quiltmakers and artists.

Our young members create quilts as:

  • records of continued traditions
  • symbols of family and community
  • works of art

We are delighted to see our kids transform into productive, contributing members of our communities.

We see their:

  • sense of accomplishment
  • increased self-esteem
  • compassion for giving comfort to those in need
  • involvement in the arts
  • participation in exhibitions and shows

Contact Us:

Young Piecemakers Quilt Guild
P.O. Box 77113
Corona, CA 92877
(951) 277-4577


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Executive Board

Renee' Noflin, President

Lynette Therance, Vice Presidet

Precious Noflin, Secretary

Gladys Lewis, Treasurer


Sue Moore, Public Relations Laison

Ida Berry, Creative Advisor

Lynette Therance, Graphic Design/Advertising Coordinator



A California Non-Profit Corporation